Terms of use

Updated 9.8.2021

Terms of use in summary

In short, we do not charge you for the use of the service or disclose your information to third parties. We only require that you use our services in accordance with good manners.

For our part, we do our best to provide first-class services.

Below we explain in more detail our services and the principles by which we develop them, as well as how we process your data.

Service description

Sensotrend services support the treatment of diabetes by gathering data from a variety of sources, presenting illustrative summaries, and facilitating data sharing.

Sensotrend services consist of the following applications:

  • Sensotrend Uploader is an application installed on your computer that helps you extract data from the devices you use and transfer them to the Sensotrend Connect cloud service.
  • Sensotrend Connect is a cloud service that stores information from various sources to MyKanta service.
  • Sensotrend Dashboard is a web application that presents information from a variety of sources in a way that is relevant to the treatment of diabetes.

Use of the service is not a substitute for routine monitoring of your health or assistance from a healthcare professional. The information processed by the service may be useful in making observations and analyzing treatment outcomes, but the accuracy of the information should always be verified from the original sources. Never make major changes to your treatment without first contacting your own diabetes nurse or doctor or another healthcare professional.

General Terms of Use

We, Sensotrend Oy, develop these services to make people's lives easier with diabetes.

However, we cannot guarantee that our service will benefit you. People have different life situations, challenges and goals and for our part we hope that everyone will find the apps that best serve themselves. We implement these services from our own point of view, according to our own understanding and expertise. Of course, we are very happy to receive feedback and suggestions for improving our services.

We are constantly developing the service, refining existing features and adding new functionalities, and we may also remove parts of the service that we deem unnecessary. The feedback we receive has a big impact on the decisions we make.

The service is free

We offer our service to you free of charge. However, if you want to support us financially, be in touch!


We provide the service with limited resources and cannot guarantee that it will always be available. However, we strive to keep your information available whenever you need it.

Processing of your information

Our privacy statement complies with the current Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We do not store your health or well-being information in our own service. We only store access tokens, which allow us to read data from different data sources whenever necessary and store it to MyKanta service.

We protect the data we store to the best of our ability and in accordance with industry best practices.

We will not disclose or sell your information without your permission. The use of your information may be valuable in the future, for example in drug research or in demonstrating the efficacy of drugs, and we seek to promote access to health and wellness information for such purposes. However, we will not disclose your information for any such purpose without your consent, which we ask separately.

Error situations

The services we provide mainly consist of software code. Software code is rarely, if ever, completely flawless and all the complex phenomena of the real world are impossible to model according to the software code. It is therefore quite possible that in some situations our service may not work as expected or intended. It is important for you to understand the possibility of an error, and you should not make any major changes to your care based solely on the information provided by our services. We greatly appreciate any reports of problem situations related to the use of our services, they help us to make our products better.

Discontinuation of use

You may stop using our services at any time if you wish. You can delete your user account from our services, in which case your information will be deleted immediately. See more detailed description from the privacy statement.

If we find that your user account is being used in violation of law or regulations, we may also delete or block your user account.