Data transfer between Sensotrend services and Omatietovaranto will end on 30.11.2023

We will update this page as the case progresses.

Updated on International Day of Failure 13.10.2023

The transfer of data between Sensotrend's services and Omatietovaranto will end on 30.11.2023.

Omatietovaranto was to become an ecosystem of health and wellbeing applications, where citizens could share their health and wellbeing data with different applications and also with the health service. However, this has not happened and no improvement is expected in the near future. Instead, the costs for us as an operator of storing data in the Omatietovaranto are increasing. Moreover, even the slow development of the Omatietovaranto is, in our view, moving in the wrong direction. For more detailed reasons for our decision, see Mikael's LinkedIn article.

We have therefore decided to disconnect our services from the Omatietovaranto by the beginning of December.

What changes?

We will continue to handle health and well-being data with respect for citizens' rights, security and safety in mind. In the future, all data stored in various cloud services (Google Fit, Dropbox, Wellmo, etc.) will remain stored in these services. We will only retrieve the data for our own services, for example for visualisations, as needed.

However, for the data uploaded to Omatietovaranto up to now, this will change. In the future, the data you upload with Sensotrend Uploader will be stored in the Sensotrend service. The Nightscout Connect service, on the other hand, will cease to function completely.

What do you have to do?

Right now you don't have to do anything.

Due to the change, our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will be updated. To continue using our services, you will need to accept the new terms of use. We will let you know separately when this is possible.

We also aim to make it easy to use the information already stored in the Omatietovaranto with the Sensotrend service, so that the data can continue to be used. We'll tell you more about this shortly.

Our aim is to have the necessary changes in place by International Diabetes Day 14.11.2023.

We welcome any thoughts and concerns you may have about this change. Please contact us at

Best regards,
- The Sensotrend team

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