Data transfer between Sensotrend services and Omatietovaranto will end on 30.11.2023

We will update this page as the case progresses.

Updated on diabetes week 19.11.2023

Terms of use will be updated

The use of Omatietovaranto of Kanta system as a data source for Sensotrend's services ends on December 1, 2023. For this reason, the terms of use of the services are also updated.

The only essential change in the terms of use is that the information is no longer stored in Omatietovaranto and is also not read from there. Instead, it is possible to save data in Sensotrend's service.

This currently applies only to data saved to the service with the Sensotrend Uploader application and, if you wish, to data copied from Omatietovaranto to Sensotrend's service before 1 December 2023. Data downloaded from different cloud services (Dropbox, Google Fit, Oura, Nightscout) will continue to be downloaded as part of the service directly from those services and will not be stored in Sensotrend's service.

None of your data will be lost during the change. The data stored in Omatietovaranto remains in omatietovaranto, but Sensotrend's services no longer write new data there, nor do they read data from it.

To continue using the service and to copy your information from Omatietovaranto, proceed to accept the new terms.


You can also read the previous post and a later update on the subject.

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