Safety Information

Indications for Use

Sensotrend Connect is an application that supports the treatment of diabetes by transferring data collected by blood glucose meters, glucose sensors and insulin pumps, and similar devices from other applications and cloud services to healthcare information systems.

The application is intended for all user groups whose data transfer is permitted and enabled by data sources and healthcare information systems supported by Sensotrend Connect.


The application is not intended for the transfer of data used for real-time monitoring of health status.

The measurement data transmitted by the application is only suitable for monitoring your health when your measuring device has been calibrated according to the measuring device manufacturer's instructions.

The use of the application does not replace the care provided by a healthcare professional, but complements it. If there are significant changes in your glucose balance, contact your healthcare provider.

Do not make significant changes to your treatment based on data transferred by Sensotrend Connect alone. Before making a treatment decision, the data transferred by Sensotrend Connect should be compared with the data from the original data source to ensure that the entire data transfer chain has functioned reliably.

If you encounter serious incidents while using the application, you should notify our customer support at and the competent authority.

Information related to System Requirements

Sensotrend Connect is a service that does not have specific system requirements for user equipment. The application's user interface is designed to work with the most widely used Internet browsers. However, not all browsers on the market can be verified individually. If you notice incorrect, unexpected or incomplete activity, please contact our customer support by so that we can resolve and, to the best of our ability, correct the problem.

Do not use the application to transfer data used to monitor your health and balance of care if it appears to be malfunctioning.


Read the detailed set-up instructions to deploying the service.

Data Transfer

You can transfer data using Sensotrend Uploader. Look at device-specific data transfer instructions.

Viewing the Data

You can view the data stored in the Kanta PHR, for example by Sensotrend Dashboard -application. Look at instructions for viewing the data.

Product Information

Sensotrend Connect v2.4.2




Sensotrend Uploader is a class I medical device.
See Declaration of Conformity.

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